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We offer a variety of services associated with smoke alarms and fire alarms.

Our electricians conduct smoke and fire alarm installation in residential premises on a regular basis. Whether you're looking to secure your home against fire or upgrade your present system, we would be pleased to guide and recommend the necessary installation to fit your requirements. It's recommended to have at minimum of one application of fire protection on each floor of a home, including heat detection in the kitchenette and a carbon monoxide detector nearby a boiler or gas fire.

Your smoke alarms can become interlinked and be powered from mains, 230 volts, disposing of the apprehension of monitoring battery levels. They can be linked wirelessly or hard wired. Systems designed in an interlinked form allow each alarm to sound if a single smoke/fire alarm detection unit detects a hazard, making your domestic or commercial property a safer place to live.

Commercially, our teams can propose fire alarms to accommodate your business and building, with each project having its own individual specific requirements. We can formulate, design and install the system around an explicit specification - whether its a two-zone conventional system that you need for an addressable fire alarm or a more complex system. We aim to provide you with the most suitable and safest possible system to meet your requirements.

Socket Installations & Repairs Logo Socket Installations & Repairs Logo Socket Installations & Repairs Logo

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