CCTV, Intruder Alarms & Access Control

CCTV Installation & Repair

CCTV, Intruder Alarms & Access Control - Installation & Repair. Call us today on: 0151 438 2299.

We provide CCTV systems from an individual stand-alone camera system to multi-camera systems.

Our electricians can attend your property to quote and discuss your specific requirements and demands to produce a system giving you the coverage that you desire, leaving you feeling safe and secure. The cameras and DRVs come in a broad range and continue to evolve. We remain up to date with technology keeping you at the pinnacle of home and business security.

Our intruder alarms can provide you with the confidence and knowledge that your home is secure. Our systems can inform you or the authorities of a breach of your premises. Ranging from small domestic systems, wired or wireless, to commercial, grade one to grade four installations - we can help you.

Access control and intercoms for your domestic, business and commercial premises can be provided, from swipe cards to access fobs to authenticate access to your building, giving you a secure and fluid entrance and exit system. These can provide fine-grain authentication methods, allowing certain people access to particular areas of the building.

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